What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Greeting Cards

See? Nothin.

There’s a lot of great information on greeting cards on Wikipedia. But they’re missing the most important thing about them, and that’s anything about the new age of greeting cards.

Nothing against Wikipedia users but someone has really been lagging on updating the greeting cards page.

It doesn’t even consider these new types of greeting cards the kids are all buying these days as a type of greeting card that exists.

They’ve got almost all of them: Standard, photo, personalized, reusable, risque, musical, electronic, pop-up, printable, even going on to mention e-cards. But leaving out the newest and most important type is absolutely unacceptable. Someone should really do something about this. The Wikipedia people.

The technology that makes this new type of greeting card so special is a simple and genius method of getting a personalized video into a physical greeting card.

The proprietary technology isn’t even intended solely for greeting cards, it was meant as a technology that allows you to stick video messages anywhere in the world. Think of the possibilities in that, you could start your own army, your own empire with that capability.

Now you have that power.

Now you can send a physical greeting card like we’re all used to, but with new age technology that allows you to record a video and send it along with the card.

The only company I know that’s got technology like this is MemoryTag. Maybe there’s others out there but I’ve never heard of them. And I have heard of MemoryTag. UFC fighters and former UFC champions have talked about MemoryTag on Youtube and Instagram and the like.

Use MemoryTag’s proprietary mobile app to watch a video that’s been attached to the card with one of these Video Stickers.  Point your phone at the card’s video sticker and watch the card come to life with a video message. It takes no time at all to record a message and upload the video, stick that sticker on the card and give it, or order it from the website pre-stickered.
The stickers work on any number of items, not just on the cards themselves. Giving a gift of any kind should come with a MemoryTag video sticker and your video message to the recipient.

Why isn’t this on Wikipedia yet?

What is the invisible force denying the world of this information?


Is it possible all Wikipedia users are dorks and don’t know anything about what’s cool?

Maybe. But they’ve never failed us like this in the past.

There can only be one true enemy of change and progression in life, and that’s the old way of doing things.

The reason why video greeting cards aren’t on Wikipedia is because of traditional greeting card companies. They’re threatened by MemoryTag’s technology and are literally paying all the money to bad guys for keeping the truth off of information sites.

They don’t want them to win, because they see video greeting card technology as the real deal. It’s hurting traditional greeting card sales and the only reason is because so many people want to have greeting cards that don’t suck. Ones that rule.

One day soon, Wikipedia will be forced to tell the truth about greeting cards and list video sticker cards at the top of their list. Stop the bad guys from taking down valuable information about the greeting card industry and the new age of greeting cards.


Whether by head or by heel the world will know the truth.

That means the easy way or the hard way.

Until that day, visit MemoryTag for your video greeting cards today!


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