The Unconventional Guide To Greeting Cards

Are you thinking of a unique way to wish your friend on his birthday? Have you fought with your sweetheart and want to apologize? Wondering how to surprise your parents on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day? All you need to do is send them a kickass greeting card that’s sure to make their day. Instead of going for a traditional card, try something unconventional. It’s personal, it’s thoughtful and so much fun! After all, when you actually hold and see a greeting card, you can feel the warmth of your loved one.

Messaging someone on a special occasion or sending a traditional card is fine but a little impersonal. It’s important to choose the right card depending on who you are sending it to. There are some revolutionary cards out there such as MemoryTag greeting cards that will put a smile on the receiver’s face. “Happy Escape-The-Womb-Day, Sure Glad You Made It – Happy Birthday!” is one among many cards that will make you smile. With funky designs, humorous words and the choice to add a personal video, photo or gift card, these cards are a great way to show that you care. The video cards can be viewed with an app that is available for free download from the Apple or Android store. By scanning the QR code on the paper greeting card, you can see your personalised video or photo greetings.

There are so many things that make a greeting card so special. Getting something nice by post is a really good feeling. In most cases, we may not be expecting it so it will come as a pleasant surprise. Before we open the envelope, we play guessing games in our head about the sender. It could be from a friend, a special someone, a family member or a colleague, the surprise element is what makes it so interesting. And when you finally open the envelope and read the card, it brings a rush of happiness. Also, you can store a greeting card carefully and see it again days or months later and feel happy all over again.

Today, there are cards for all kinds of reasons and occasions. Traditional greeting cards are a bit boring with the same predictable wordings and dull designs. But some cards are truly fantastic–MemoryTag greeting cards have something for everyone. Some are funny, some are cute and some are really naughty! Since it has a video option as well, it adds a unique personal touch to the cards. There are tons of cards made on recycled paper that you can choose from. Besides birthdays, there are cards for your parents, for a new-born baby, sorry and thank you cards, Valentine’s, friendship, graduation and weird cards too!

It’s not just the young and the restless who enjoy sending and receiving quirky greeting cards. Just about anyone who enjoys a good laugh and wants to express what they are actually feeling can send these cards. You know that your friend will smile if you send her a card that says, “You will always be my friend.” And start laughing when she reads what’s written on the inside, “Because we know way too much shit about each other to not be friends.”

Michael Jordan sends greeting cards. UFC Hall of Fame Uriah Faber sends video greeting cards. Orphah probably sends greeting cards. Troy Aikman, Lebron James, Beyonce, Tony Bennet, even the infamous Donald Trump himself probably has greeting cards sent out to people in his social circles. You belong in the same conversation.

The next time you wish to celebrate a special occasion, send a greeting card that truly says what you feel. And if you are in the mood for wacky, send a MemoryTag greeting card to your loved one. Greeting cards work for everyone, it’s a reminder that there are people who truly care for you and want to see you smile!  So go all out, surprise your loved one with a super special greeting card!


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