The Difference Between Video Greeting Cards And Traditional Greeting Cards

Remember getting birthday cards as a kid? Family members, people from your church, your dentist’s office maybe, most of them were supposed to make you laugh but failed miserably?

No matter how you celebrated your favorite birthdays, you probably received at least a dozen of the same type of happy birthday card. They all had the same message, but with a different family members signature.

Those were the good ole days. But it’s 2017, you can’t expect to get away with that anymore.
Don’t make us read. We want instant. We want video.

I was searching for a card to give my roommate for buying the house a new dining room table and came across these hilarious cards that also have video smartphone technology that allows people to watch a video on a spot on the card using their phone. It’s cool and the cards are really funny.


The traditional greeting cards business is probably declining.
These personalized video message greeting cards are rising up like from phoenix ashes. They’re awesome, affordable, hilarious, and easy to order online.

You can’t put a price on a video that can be rewatched forever. With the cost of traditional greeting cards rising, why bother with them when you can customize your own card.

The best part of these video messages is probably the personalization factor. Not only are You the one in charge of what is written or said in the card, by adding a video just like Snapchat straight on the card, but the cards themselves are hilarious, unlike any other greeting card company I’ve ever seen.

No more generic, traditional cards that read, “Happy Birthday! May all your wishes come true”. This does not sound heartfelt. Your friend or family member will hate that.

By personalizing a video message through Memorytag’s greeting cards, you can express your true feelings and give your loved one a proper greeting. People do not live forever and personalized video message greeting cards can be a way for your family to watch videos from you after you die. From beyond the grave…. kinda spooky huh?


Traditional greeting cards can be fine to use if you are in a rush and want everyone to hate you. They’re cheesy! That’s not your style.

I’m sure there are tons of people who have kept old greeting cards stored in a box that are locked away in their attic. But after time the words on those cards can begin to fade and you will eventually forget why you received certain cards in the first place.

The Memorytag cards are quick and easy to use, plus you can download their free app! Nowadays what can you download for free anyway? You can customize your video message card and choose from hundreds of different card templates.

Traditional cards need to keep things clean and accessible for everyone, but their style of writing may not suit everybody. Why spend money on a traditional card that you don’t even like?

Kids often receive cards & they drop them off directly into the trash. Save a tree.
Wouldn’t it be more exciting if you’d send a video message?
People you know could cherish the videos of you on repeat, instead of forgetting about you and watching some stupid thing they like to watch.

We should not be relying on the past with traditional and generic greeting cards. We should be looking to the future – the future of video messages on physical greeting cards.

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