Seven Day Does it again!

No Fluke Here! Seven Day Sonnet and Big Time Records defy the odds yet again reaching #34 on the BDS active rock charts with their newest single “Farewell To Good Days” this is their second push to radio, first with “Hapless” now with “Farewell To Good Days”

“A  truly humbling feat to say the least as we are on the same chart amongst the stiffest competition of the year with bands and labels that for the most part are all house hold names,  icons and mentors to the band and label.”

In less than six months Seven Day Sonnet has gone from a relatively unknown band to a band that in two attempts to radio have succeeded both times now in breaking the top 40.

“We are honored to be here and truly want to thank our FANS, team and every radio station and program director that has given us the shot and helped us get where we are. We have a long way to go no doubt but we cherish every second of the journey and people that are making this happen, truly we thank you all.”

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