Everything You Need To Know About Birthday Cards in 2017

Did you know millions of people still buy birthday cards in 2017? People just ike you from all walks of life are stil contributing to the consumption of birthday cards on a daily basis, so much that there are companies and blogs dedicated to making more and more happy birthday cards and talking about birthday greetings. If you have any faint memories of receiving a greeting card as a child, you probably remember a few birthday greeting cards you’ve received. Birthday cards aren’t the sexiest thing you can give someone on their birthday, but in a way, aren’t they still one of the sexiest things you can give them?

Birthday Greeting Card Companies

There are a few greeting card companies that are still killing it in 2017. 123Greetings, Hallmark, American Greetings, and MemoryTag are the main players in the birthday cards game. These are the Card Kings, the Greeting Card Mafia, the birthday card titans of industry. Any happy birthday greetings you want to send in card form is probably going to come from one of these four companies. Each one of these greeting card companies has its own specialization, but they all do birthday cards because birthday cards are commonplace in society. People love giving them because it’s an easy way to express yourself without having to spend actual time and energy finding the perfect gift or thing to say to someone on their birthday.

Why Do People Buy Birthday Cards?

The whole reason people buy birthday cards is that human beings are extremely tribal, which perpetuates our societal behavior. Deep down, people know if they don’t get someone a card or a gift on their birthday, the relationship between them will suffer. Most people don’t truly care if their relationship with the birthday person suffers, but they know deep down they will want a birthday greeting card when their own birthday comes around. The social repercussions of not gifting a close friend or family member on their birthday could be dire if the birthday person tells their mutual friends and family. Thus, onward the trend of birthday greeting cards perpetuates.

Where To Go To Buy The Best Happy Birthday Cards

Most people will buy their birthday cards as an afterthought to their birthday preparations. It’s very common for humans to stop at a grocery store, department store, drug store pharmacy, or convenience store to buy a birthday card on their way to the birthday gathering celebration location. Walgreens, Target, Walmart, or a shopping mall are a few major retail locations for birthday cards.
Some people do their birthday cards shopping ahead of time. Some people like to order packs of cards to use for different occasions, others prefer to order specific cards from online stores ahead of time so they can take their time writing down thoughtful birthday messages and birthday quotes. Birthday card companies are adapting to the evolution of online commerce by making it easier to do greeting cards and birthday cards shopping online. You can buy birthday cards on company websites like 123Greetings or Hallmark, or on Amazon, Etsy, and other retail marketplaces. MemoryTag is one happy birthday cards company with an optimized online shopping experience. MemoryTag cards allow you to record a video messageand include it in the birthday card using a sticker that attaches to the inside of the card, and plays back the video message on a smartphone.

Types of Birthday Cards

Birthday cards come in many different styles. You wouldn’t exactly get the same card for your grandmother or boss as you would your 5-year old nephew, would you? The type of birthday card you choose depends on the person you’re getting the card for. There are funny happy birthday cards, thoughtful ones, artful cards with watercolor-style paintings designed on them, and other lighthearted birthday cards. Some of the funniest birthday greeting cards you can find are from MemorytagGreeting Cards. They have some crude humor cards that are absolutely hilarious. If you want the traditional art-style birthday card design, or a birthday quote on the card with a more effiminate nature for maybe your mother or your grandmother, Hallmark has that style in the bag. Of course, every greeting card company has a variation of these birthday card styles, so you can find what you’re looking for in each of them.

The Future of Birthday Cards

The world is becoming more technological, but that hasn’t changed how people give birthday messages to their close family and friends. The older, more traditional greeting card companies like Hallmark and American Greetings may not be as successful in selling greeting cards as they once were, but innovation and new companies are maintaining and adapting the way people consume and purchase birthday greeting cards. Online ordering, video greeting cards, and online customization with fast shipping has made buying birthday cards for loved ones easier than ever. As technology improves and the power of the Internet grows, people are enjoying the traditions we’ve held for generations. Birthday celebrations are a very cultural and traditional human behavior, and birthday cards go hand-in-hand with birthday celebrations all over the world. Birthday greeting cards are celebrated in 2017, and will continue to be a part of human behavior for many years to come.

There are many different types birthday cards, several companies that are manufacturing the best birthday greeting cards, places to buy them, and human motivations that illicit buying  birthday greeting cards, and directions that birthday cards can take in the future. How will you buy your next birthday card?

If you have any more questions about birthday greeting cards, feel free to let us know in the comments below!

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