Driving Through Construction Traffic Safely

How To Safely Drive Through Construction Traffic Zones

Driving through traffic control zones has its own protocol. The goal for traffic control companies is to route road users through traffic construction zones as safely as possible. Successful planning allows them to do this while inhibiting motorists, bicyclists, pedestrians, and motor vehicles as minimally as practical. Traffic control companies want to do a good job by you to improve the community and the roads you use regularly, so it’s important to respect their environment, their safety, and the traffic control zones themselves. Work together with traffic safety people from behind the wheel. Help each other make the world a better place.

The Four Stages

The four stages of traffic control zones are the advance warning area, the transition area, the activity area, and the termination area. Lane closure, flagging, traffic cones, and arrow boards are placed as closely as possible with both safety and road user convenience in mind. Because of a traffic control company’s commitment to inhibiting traffic as minimally as possible, it’s only right to do well by them as road users.

Complex Environment

Traffic control is a complex process. It takes a lot of things working well for an extended period of time for a traffic control process to be successful. The next time you come upon a traffic construction zone when you’re driving, take a look at how many different things are going on. There are traffic cones, warning signs approaching the activity area, oftentimes with staff at the activity area and transition area guiding road users, and several flags, arrow boards, and other traffic safety equipment. Each traffic construction site requires traffic management and a construction traffic plan. It’s a complex and sophisticated process. These are just a few of the key details that go into a traffic control zone operating smoothly.

Quality Companies

There are very specific statewide safety protocols that every traffic safety company must adhere to. There are dozens of state specific protocols that traffic safety companies in California must oblige. One must consider which traffic control company can best be utilized for any given construction plan. In fact, any quality traffic safety company will provide construction traffic plans that determine which traffic control products will be needed and follow through on a process laid out for their client beforehand.

Safety Rating

Another factor you have to consider is the quality of these traffic control products a traffic safety company can provide. Nobody really wants to see a traffic construction company with crappy stuff out there, do they?
Anyway, the point is it’s important for you to take traffic control zones seriously because it’s a serious thing for the companies who are doing the work, and for the people who hired them. They want to make your community and your world a better place. They’re working to improve the quality of your community as well the roads you use to commute on a regular basis.


If there’s a lane closure, it doesn’t ruin anyone’s day if the traffic control company is doing their job properly. They might feel like it’s ruining their day at the time, but it won’t, and at the end of the day that’s what matters. The statewide safety measures, the training for traffic control of their staff and staffing good traffic control people, providing high quality traffic control equipment on the job and as a rental service as well, and all that good stuff are just a few things a good traffic control company will bring to the table. A few companies that exemplify this standard are City Rise Safety. So be safe, considerate, and mindful while driving through traffic control zones.

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