California Construction Safety in 2017

If there’s a construction traffic project going on in your local area, you can bet there will be a critical need for traffic control solutions. Without traffic control jobs in place, disastrous things can happen. Even with a certified traffic control company actively on the job, things can get pretty dicey and dangerous if they’re not properly planned. It’s important to choose a quality traffic management company that can provide you with construction flagging and also lane closure, traffic safety products, traffic construction control staffing, street signs, and construction traffic drawing. And even a proactive strategy for safety and execution. Seriously, a really good traffic control company will be ready to provide you with all of this and more. If they’re not ready with roadsafe traffic systems at a moment’s notice, wouldn’t you say they aren’t doing a very good job running their business? They should be ready and waiting for more customers.

Construction traffic safety is more than just throwing some construction signs orange cones out on the street or highway. Traffic construction control planning is as critical as its execution. You need proper road safety when conducting a construction traffic project. If you didn’t have proper road safety in place ahead of time, then disastrous things could happen, and we don’t want that. Really good traffic control companies in California, such as City Rise Safety, have been providing top quality safety measures, strategy, execution, and staffing for years. They’re the Michael Jordan of traffic construction control.
Traffic construction control today is bigger than just the simple stuff you see when you’re driving past it for a brief moment. Construction signs, arrow boards, flagging, traffic cones, and statewide safety protocols are just a few of the key details a quality traffic control company will be able to provide for you on your next project.

When traffic control problems arise, many ordinances, companies, and governing bodies are left scratching their heads as to who to hire for the job on such short notice. There are in fact traffic control companies that are able to get the job done and on a short turnaround. I mean, if there weren’t, I’d be starting a traffic control company right now. Sometimes the project requires as little as traffic safety cones and construction signs, sometimes lane closure and full-time traffic construction control staffing is in order. Good companies like City Rise Safety in California are fully staffed, prepared, and experienced for jobs like this. Someone’s always gotta be ready; therefore, bay area traffic companies like City Rise have established several hubs statewide so they can be available for any project at any time. It’s never been easier in America to find a quality traffic construction control company to get the job done the right way.

You can rent equipment from traffic control companies like this. California is such a busy state for traffic construction and development that sometimes it’s easier to just rent your construction signs and flagging equipment for short term projects. While some companies don’t offer this, maybe they’re just not a big enough size company to own that much equipment. That’s normal for a newer business, eventually they will surely expand. But there are some companies with the sizeable equipment inventory that can rent things out to you. Those definitely do offer equipment and road closure rentals. They are likely a passionate company trying to make the community a safer place and doing everything they can to stretch themselves out far enough to make that possible. That’s what good businesses do.

If you want to rent some highway construction products from a reputable company, you can Google search ‘traffic control equipment rentals in x city’ for your local area. Their website should have their contact information in plain site, if they don’t shame on them for not being accessible enough. If you live in California, you can visit company websites like and and contact them to request a quote that best suits your needs.

For any traffic management project, you will need the proper road safety equipment. For any traffic construction projects big and small alike it’s best to work with a reputable company that will put the community’s safety first. Construction signs, orange traffic cones, and flagging equipment can be rented from reputable companies in your area.

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