Lodi’s Dazeafter is finally on their way to the Big Time after five years of twists and turns.

Fate charted their course back in July of 2005, when founding member Shawn Tallerico, lead guitarist and songwriter met Drummer Juan Poras while they were in the band Mynalter.

After a few months they left Mynalter as, “we were just tired of playing the same old thing – heavy metal,” Tallerico said. “I wanted to write and play something more catchy for a radio album.”

So they got to work and formed the more commercially-viable Dazeafter.  Tallerico wrote their first four songs and decided it was time to bring in new musicians and prepare for an EP release.

But on a chilly December day in 2007, just before a scheduled band practice, Tallerico got a severe jolt. His long-time friend, Poras had just been killed in a car accident.

Dazeafter was put on hold – temporarily.

By the summer of 2008, Tallerico met with a drummer named Timothy Hourahan, they decided to move forward with the new band. The artists clicked instantly, “like songwriting soul mates,” said Hourahan.

Both had been deeply influenced by a range of rock and metal music and knew they could make the project successful. So they went back to work on writing the rest of the tracks.

It was time to bring in new talent.

In the early spring of 2009, the two-member group met a prospective bass player, Kyle Johnson and instantly recognized him as a good fit for Dazeafter.

In the fall of 2009, in honor of Poras, they finished their first E.P. It was called 1065 Days, referring to the nearly three years in between their friend’s passing and the EP release date in April, 2010. In January of 2010, the news got even better as Big Time Records signed Dazeafter. Shortly thereafter Steven Robb signed on as their new lead singer, bringing a whole new sense of power and dynamics to the songs.

Thanks to Robb and his vocals, Tallerico and his riffs, Johnson slappin the bass and Hourahan pounding  the drums, Dazeafter is ready to bring it … and soon – to a town near you.



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