Big Time Records was founded in 2006 in Lodi, CA by Robert Beadles and his wife Nicole Beadles. Humorously the name Big Time Records came from a cheeky inside joke between the two being from the small town of Lodi, with only one band in the stable at the time, trying to make it in this huge music industry among giants. Impressively though they have done just that. With several bands now in the stable their bands have or are currently charting globally and or nationally.

They continue to create good music and provide a fertile environment for bands to develop. While BTR has a very hands on approach they’ve created and or hired one of the best teams of people in the business for press, marketing, band development, growth as well as A&R. BTR utilizes a developmental structure that creates opportunities for bands as they grow and are ready for new levels of success.

BTR is looking for bands that have a great work ethic, a regional draw, and are tremendous song writers.  The genres that we are interested in are Metal, Rock, Punk, Reggae, and Hip-Hop.

BTR is always looking for new talent that could be the next big thing. BTR has been founded upon success stories and will continue to build success for artists.

We work from a standard record deal like most labels.  We start most bands off on a developmental deal with achievable benchmarks that once achieved result in studio time, regional marketing development, and ultimately commercial radio promotion.

BTR continues to grow activly searching for more potential bands that may fit both needs of band and company,  throwing concerts across the country and building national tours for their as well as other labels. Its a very exciting time at BTR if you would like to submit a demo in hopes of joining the team please see our A&R page.

1040 W Kettleman Ln #388
Lodi, CA 95240

Phone: 209.333.0807 Fax: 209.333.5213

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