4 Ways To Do Greeting Cards

There are four basic ways to do a greeting card, so the next time you’ve got someone to gift a card for, keep these in mind instead of just heading to your nearest drug store and dropping $8.

Make Your Own

Yes, like kids do. Adults can make their own greeting cards and be successful with it at parties. People won’t think it’s lame, they’ll think it’s actually really cool, creative, and original. They’ll wish they’d thought of it. The person getting your handmade greeting card will love the gesture and feel even more significant on their already special and important day. Most people are gonna get them a junk card, but not you. You’re gonna make them one extra special.

You can do some greeting card generator online or you can handmake it, which is what we recommend. I mean think about it, if you’re gonna do it special, don’t be lazy about it. That just makes you seem like a lazy jerk. Doing it from scratch makes you seem like a badass creative art genius with a far greater capacity for love and appreciation than everyone else.

Buy Hallmark or American Greetings

This is what 95% of people will do because they really don’t give a crap what the recipient is going to think about them, they just want a thought-free decision that’s gonna get them through a party they don’t really want to attend.

That’s what the recipient will think anyway. That the person who gave them this card must hate them. If they didn’t hate them why would they give them such a shitty card? They’re either a satanic masochist or a really old person who forgets how to tie their own shoes. Are you either of those types of people? Then don’t do this. Don’t just go down to the drugstore and buy the first greeting card in the birthday section you can find. If you’re gonna do that, don’t get a card at all, because you’ll just make things worse. You’ll make the recipient hate you. Literally.

Go Digital

Ecards will always be a thing, but they’ve become less and less popular over time. I mean, they came out and became popular in the 90’s. The 90’s. That’s almost 30 years ago. If your grandma sends you one if you open an email from your grandma and it’s an eCard, it makes sense, it’s kinda funny, you laugh and you think it’s sweet, but it’s not cool or hip. You can’t get away with that if you’re under the age of 55. You can send one, but only to be funny, maybe even nostalgic.

That’s how fast time flies when it comes to the internet and digital trends. Forget about eCards unless you’re over 55. Then you get a pass, and if I were you I’d take full advantage of that to get out of having to do an actual greeting card. That’s a huge write-off that you’ve earned, take it!

Customized Video Greeting Cards

The only way to do a greeting card and earn the respect and appreciation of others is with a video greeting card. There are a few ways to do a video greeting card, but none come close to what the company MemoryTag is doing. MemoryTag has a proprietary video sticker technology that allows you to record a personalized video message, add it to an already freaking awesome, funny, original greeting card they produce, by way of video sticker. The recipient’s reaction to this personalized video message they can view by pointing their smartphone at the card itself is priceless. They’ll think you’re super cool because you ARE freaking super cool. You deserve to perform the greatest actions available to you, and when it comes to sending greeting cards there’s no action greater than sending one with a video sticker. Check out MemoryTag right away if you’re going to do a greeting card.

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