Seven Day Sonnet

Seven Day Sonnet

Chicago boasts an amazing musical legacy, and the hard hitting quintet known as Seven Day Sonnet is the latest to emerge from the Windy City. In a few short years, SDS has come a very long way—from dingy basement clubs to touring with Saliva, and recording with Grammy Award-winning producer Johnny K (Disturbed, Staind, Sevendust). It’s only the beginning for the ambitious and hard-working bunch, who recently signed by Robert Beadles and his California label, Big Time Records.

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Dirge Within

Making a dent in a competitive heavy music scene, Dirge Within quickly made a name for themselves through extensive touring and earning rave reviews from the press and public alike. Appearing with such acts as Trivium, Fear Factory, Static X, Devildriver, Whitechapel, Winds of Plague, GWAR, and Nonpoint, they have shown their versatility through playing in front of a variety of crowds and holding their own.

Following up their highly acclaimed debut release, ‘Force Fed Lies,’ Dirge Within are releasing a three song EP titled ‘Absolution, due out 8/16, 2011…’ read more >

The Difference Between Video Greeting Cards And Traditional Greeting Cards

January 22nd, 2018

Remember getting birthday cards as a kid? Family members, people from your church, your dentist’s office maybe, most of them were supposed to make you laugh but failed miserably?

No matter how you celebrated your favorite birthdays, you probably received at least a dozen of the same type of happy birthday card. They all had the same message, but with a different family members signature.

Those were the good ole days. But it’s 2017, you can’t expect to get away with that anymore.
Don’t make us read. We want instant. We want video.

I was searching for a card to give my roommate for buying the house a new dining room table and came across these hilarious cards that also have video smartphone technology that allows people to watch a video on a spot on the card using their phone. It’s cool and the cards are really funny.


The traditional greeting cards business is probably declining.
These personalized video message greeting cards are rising up like from phoenix ashes. They’re awesome, affordable, hilarious, and easy to order online.

You can’t put a price on a video that can be rewatched forever. With the cost of traditional greeting cards rising, why bother with them when you can customize your own card.

The best part of these video messages is probably the personalization factor. Not only are You the one in charge of what is written or said in the card, by adding a video just like Snapchat straight on the card, but the cards themselves are hilarious, unlike any other greeting card company I’ve ever seen.

No more generic, traditional cards that read, “Happy Birthday! May all your wishes come true”. This does not sound heartfelt. Your friend or family member will hate that.

By personalizing a video message through Memorytag’s greeting cards, you can express your true feelings and give your loved one a proper greeting. People do not live forever and personalized video message greeting cards can be a way for your family to watch videos from you after you die. From beyond the grave…. kinda spooky huh?


Traditional greeting cards can be fine to use if you are in a rush and want everyone to hate you. They’re cheesy! That’s not your style.

I’m sure there are tons of people who have kept old greeting cards stored in a box that are locked away in their attic. But after time the words on those cards can begin to fade and you will eventually forget why you received certain cards in the first place.

The Memorytag cards are quick and easy to use, plus you can download their free app! Nowadays what can you download for free anyway? You can customize your video message card and choose from hundreds of different card templates.

Traditional cards need to keep things clean and accessible for everyone, but their style of writing may not suit everybody. Why spend money on a traditional card that you don’t even like?

Kids often receive cards & they drop them off directly into the trash. Save a tree.
Wouldn’t it be more exciting if you’d send a video message?
People you know could cherish the videos of you on repeat, instead of forgetting about you and watching some stupid thing they like to watch.

We should not be relying on the past with traditional and generic greeting cards. We should be looking to the future – the future of video messages on physical greeting cards.

4 Ways To Do Greeting Cards

January 13th, 2018

There are four basic ways to do a greeting card, so the next time you’ve got someone to gift a card for, keep these in mind instead of just heading to your nearest drug store and dropping $8.

Make Your Own

Yes, like kids do. Adults can make their own greeting cards and be successful with it at parties. People won’t think it’s lame, they’ll think it’s actually really cool, creative, and original. They’ll wish they’d thought of it. The person getting your handmade greeting card will love the gesture and feel even more significant on their already special and important day. Most people are gonna get them a junk card, but not you. You’re gonna make them one extra special.

You can do some greeting card generator online or you can handmake it, which is what we recommend. I mean think about it, if you’re gonna do it special, don’t be lazy about it. That just makes you seem like a lazy jerk. Doing it from scratch makes you seem like a badass creative art genius with a far greater capacity for love and appreciation than everyone else.

Buy Hallmark or American Greetings

This is what 95% of people will do because they really don’t give a crap what the recipient is going to think about them, they just want a thought-free decision that’s gonna get them through a party they don’t really want to attend.

That’s what the recipient will think anyway. That the person who gave them this card must hate them. If they didn’t hate them why would they give them such a shitty card? They’re either a satanic masochist or a really old person who forgets how to tie their own shoes. Are you either of those types of people? Then don’t do this. Don’t just go down to the drugstore and buy the first greeting card in the birthday section you can find. If you’re gonna do that, don’t get a card at all, because you’ll just make things worse. You’ll make the recipient hate you. Literally.

Go Digital

Ecards will always be a thing, but they’ve become less and less popular over time. I mean, they came out and became popular in the 90’s. The 90’s. That’s almost 30 years ago. If your grandma sends you one if you open an email from your grandma and it’s an eCard, it makes sense, it’s kinda funny, you laugh and you think it’s sweet, but it’s not cool or hip. You can’t get away with that if you’re under the age of 55. You can send one, but only to be funny, maybe even nostalgic.

That’s how fast time flies when it comes to the internet and digital trends. Forget about eCards unless you’re over 55. Then you get a pass, and if I were you I’d take full advantage of that to get out of having to do an actual greeting card. That’s a huge write-off that you’ve earned, take it!

Customized Video Greeting Cards

The only way to do a greeting card and earn the respect and appreciation of others is with a video greeting card. There are a few ways to do a video greeting card, but none come close to what the company MemoryTag is doing. MemoryTag has a proprietary video sticker technology that allows you to record a personalized video message, add it to an already freaking awesome, funny, original greeting card they produce, by way of video sticker. The recipient’s reaction to this personalized video message they can view by pointing their smartphone at the card itself is priceless. They’ll think you’re super cool because you ARE freaking super cool. You deserve to perform the greatest actions available to you, and when it comes to sending greeting cards there’s no action greater than sending one with a video sticker. Check out MemoryTag right away if you’re going to do a greeting card.

The Unconventional Guide To Greeting Cards

December 29th, 2017

Are you thinking of a unique way to wish your friend on his birthday? Have you fought with your sweetheart and want to apologize? Wondering how to surprise your parents on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day? All you need to do is send them a kickass greeting card that’s sure to make their day. Instead of going for a traditional card, try something unconventional. It’s personal, it’s thoughtful and so much fun! After all, when you actually hold and see a greeting card, you can feel the warmth of your loved one.

Messaging someone on a special occasion or sending a traditional card is fine but a little impersonal. It’s important to choose the right card depending on who you are sending it to. There are some revolutionary cards out there such as MemoryTag greeting cards that will put a smile on the receiver’s face. “Happy Escape-The-Womb-Day, Sure Glad You Made It – Happy Birthday!” is one among many cards that will make you smile. With funky designs, humorous words and the choice to add a personal video, photo or gift card, these cards are a great way to show that you care. The video cards can be viewed with an app that is available for free download from the Apple or Android store. By scanning the QR code on the paper greeting card, you can see your personalised video or photo greetings.

There are so many things that make a greeting card so special. Getting something nice by post is a really good feeling. In most cases, we may not be expecting it so it will come as a pleasant surprise. Before we open the envelope, we play guessing games in our head about the sender. It could be from a friend, a special someone, a family member or a colleague, the surprise element is what makes it so interesting. And when you finally open the envelope and read the card, it brings a rush of happiness. Also, you can store a greeting card carefully and see it again days or months later and feel happy all over again.

Today, there are cards for all kinds of reasons and occasions. Traditional greeting cards are a bit boring with the same predictable wordings and dull designs. But some cards are truly fantastic–MemoryTag greeting cards have something for everyone. Some are funny, some are cute and some are really naughty! Since it has a video option as well, it adds a unique personal touch to the cards. There are tons of cards made on recycled paper that you can choose from. Besides birthdays, there are cards for your parents, for a new-born baby, sorry and thank you cards, Valentine’s, friendship, graduation and weird cards too!

It’s not just the young and the restless who enjoy sending and receiving quirky greeting cards. Just about anyone who enjoys a good laugh and wants to express what they are actually feeling can send these cards. You know that your friend will smile if you send her a card that says, “You will always be my friend.” And start laughing when she reads what’s written on the inside, “Because we know way too much shit about each other to not be friends.”

Michael Jordan sends greeting cards. UFC Hall of Fame Uriah Faber sends video greeting cards. Orphah probably sends greeting cards. Troy Aikman, Lebron James, Beyonce, Tony Bennet, even the infamous Donald Trump himself probably has greeting cards sent out to people in his social circles. You belong in the same conversation.

The next time you wish to celebrate a special occasion, send a greeting card that truly says what you feel. And if you are in the mood for wacky, send a MemoryTag greeting card to your loved one. Greeting cards work for everyone, it’s a reminder that there are people who truly care for you and want to see you smile!  So go all out, surprise your loved one with a super special greeting card!


What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Greeting Cards

December 20th, 2017

See? Nothin.

There’s a lot of great information on greeting cards on Wikipedia. But they’re missing the most important thing about them, and that’s anything about the new age of greeting cards.

Nothing against Wikipedia users but someone has really been lagging on updating the greeting cards page.

It doesn’t even consider these new types of greeting cards the kids are all buying these days as a type of greeting card that exists.

They’ve got almost all of them: Standard, photo, personalized, reusable, risque, musical, electronic, pop-up, printable, even going on to mention e-cards. But leaving out the newest and most important type is absolutely unacceptable. Someone should really do something about this. The Wikipedia people.

The technology that makes this new type of greeting card so special is a simple and genius method of getting a personalized video into a physical greeting card.

The proprietary technology isn’t even intended solely for greeting cards, it was meant as a technology that allows you to stick video messages anywhere in the world. Think of the possibilities in that, you could start your own army, your own empire with that capability.

Now you have that power.

Now you can send a physical greeting card like we’re all used to, but with new age technology that allows you to record a video and send it along with the card.

The only company I know that’s got technology like this is MemoryTag. Maybe there’s others out there but I’ve never heard of them. And I have heard of MemoryTag. UFC fighters and former UFC champions have talked about MemoryTag on Youtube and Instagram and the like.

Use MemoryTag’s proprietary mobile app to watch a video that’s been attached to the card with one of these Video Stickers.  Point your phone at the card’s video sticker and watch the card come to life with a video message. It takes no time at all to record a message and upload the video, stick that sticker on the card and give it, or order it from the website pre-stickered.
The stickers work on any number of items, not just on the cards themselves. Giving a gift of any kind should come with a MemoryTag video sticker and your video message to the recipient.

Why isn’t this on Wikipedia yet?

What is the invisible force denying the world of this information?


Is it possible all Wikipedia users are dorks and don’t know anything about what’s cool?

Maybe. But they’ve never failed us like this in the past.

There can only be one true enemy of change and progression in life, and that’s the old way of doing things.

The reason why video greeting cards aren’t on Wikipedia is because of traditional greeting card companies. They’re threatened by MemoryTag’s technology and are literally paying all the money to bad guys for keeping the truth off of information sites.

They don’t want them to win, because they see video greeting card technology as the real deal. It’s hurting traditional greeting card sales and the only reason is because so many people want to have greeting cards that don’t suck. Ones that rule.

One day soon, Wikipedia will be forced to tell the truth about greeting cards and list video sticker cards at the top of their list. Stop the bad guys from taking down valuable information about the greeting card industry and the new age of greeting cards.


Whether by head or by heel the world will know the truth.

That means the easy way or the hard way.

Until that day, visit MemoryTag for your video greeting cards today!


How to Give the Best Mother’s Day Gift ever in 2018

December 5th, 2017

Make It Personal

One of the best gifts you can give your mother this Mother’s Day is a personalized gift. This isn’t such a new concept. Have you ever made your mother a macaroni necklace in preschool or made your own card out of some construction paper and glitter? Personalized and handmade Mother’s Day gifts have been around since the beginning of the holiday and often times these gifts are the ones that mean the most. This is because of the time and creativity that goes into making something from the heart. Making something that has your mother’s personality, style and interests in mind shows her that you have paid attention to her and will let her know just how special she is to you.

While those macaroni necklaces might not have the same desired effect the older you get, the idea behind them is the same. There are many ways to give your mother a personalized Mother’s Day gift as you get older that still carries the same amount of sentiment, with much less glitter of course. Designing personalized cards is the grown up way to show your mother you care while still having that great sense of nostalgia that all mothers really want.

The Wonder of Memorytag Cards

A great tool that is easy to use and will guide you through the card making process is Memorytag Cards. This website allows you to personalize an amazing Mother’s Day card that not only will appeal to your mother’s sense of style, but will also be tailored to her humor. If your mother prides herself on having a great sense of humor, there is a card for that. If your mother is much more traditional and prefers sentiment over jokes, there is a card for that too! With Memorytag Cards, the options are endless.

The best part about Memorytag Cards is that you can add a personalized video message to be included with the card. This is a great option for children who live far from their parents, but still want a way to have a great human experience and connection with them. Whether you can’t be with your mother physically, or just want to add another level to your relationship, personalized video cards are the way to go. Best of all, they are super easy to create. These timeless video messages can be played back on the card from any Smartphone which will allow your mother to see your message over and over again.

Wrapping it up

Buying the perfect Mother’s Day gift no longer has to be a soul crushing endeavor. With just a few clicks and some imagination you can be minutes away from a special gift that you mother is sure to treasure and love. To get started all you have to do is head over to Memorytag and see where your creativity takes you. Your mother will be amazing by the time and imagination that went into such a personal gift, so get started today. Good luck.

Check Out These 5 PERFECTLY Crude Hilarious Anytime Greeting Cards

November 26th, 2017

Do you have a friend who deserves a card just for being your friend?

Maybe that friend is a jerk, but let’s be honest – that’s a big reason why you love them.

Well, finally there’s an anytime card just for that special jerk in your life.

no one likes you greeting card

The Daily Douche series by MemoryTag Greeting Cards does the thinking for you with just the right words to let your loved one know you care about them in the funniest possible way.

Hilarious, easy to order, and at a price you can’t help but take advantage of, the Daily Douche series cards can be gifted for any occasion.

Your friends, family, or coworkers will totally praise you for these gut-bustingly funny cards.If they’re having a bad week, pick them up with one of these! If they’re having a good one, there’s no better way to tickle their funny spot and let them know you’re thinking of them than with one of these comedic trophies.


bring me food memorytag video greeting card

They’ll love you forever for it, and the best part is you don’t have to wait for a birthday or celebration.

These are the funniest cards guaranteed to make your loved one laugh every time, at a price you can afford anytime.

Using the one-of-a-kind MemoryTag technology, you can add your own photo or video to your card of choice from an app on your phone – so the possibilities are endless.


memorytag i'd rather kill myself video greeting card

You simply can’t find cards this funny at Walmart or the drugstore.

Even their funniest cards in stock only scratch the surface, and will never be this tastefully crude and hilarious.

Now you can find the perfect card instantly right from your computer or phone – it couldn’t be any easier.


sometimes you're a dick memorytag video greeting card

The perfect balance of thoughtful, funny, and mean at a price you can afford anytime – try gifting a Daily Douche card to your favorite jerk today!


memorytag video greeting cards

Everything You Need To Know About Birthday Cards in 2017

November 11th, 2017

Did you know millions of people still buy birthday cards in 2017? People just ike you from all walks of life are stil contributing to the consumption of birthday cards on a daily basis, so much that there are companies and blogs dedicated to making more and more happy birthday cards and talking about birthday greetings. If you have any faint memories of receiving a greeting card as a child, you probably remember a few birthday greeting cards you’ve received. Birthday cards aren’t the sexiest thing you can give someone on their birthday, but in a way, aren’t they still one of the sexiest things you can give them?

Birthday Greeting Card Companies

There are a few greeting card companies that are still killing it in 2017. 123Greetings, Hallmark, American Greetings, and MemoryTag are the main players in the birthday cards game. These are the Card Kings, the Greeting Card Mafia, the birthday card titans of industry. Any happy birthday greetings you want to send in card form is probably going to come from one of these four companies. Each one of these greeting card companies has its own specialization, but they all do birthday cards because birthday cards are commonplace in society. People love giving them because it’s an easy way to express yourself without having to spend actual time and energy finding the perfect gift or thing to say to someone on their birthday.

Why Do People Buy Birthday Cards?

The whole reason people buy birthday cards is that human beings are extremely tribal, which perpetuates our societal behavior. Deep down, people know if they don’t get someone a card or a gift on their birthday, the relationship between them will suffer. Most people don’t truly care if their relationship with the birthday person suffers, but they know deep down they will want a birthday greeting card when their own birthday comes around. The social repercussions of not gifting a close friend or family member on their birthday could be dire if the birthday person tells their mutual friends and family. Thus, onward the trend of birthday greeting cards perpetuates.

Where To Go To Buy The Best Happy Birthday Cards

Most people will buy their birthday cards as an afterthought to their birthday preparations. It’s very common for humans to stop at a grocery store, department store, drug store pharmacy, or convenience store to buy a birthday card on their way to the birthday gathering celebration location. Walgreens, Target, Walmart, or a shopping mall are a few major retail locations for birthday cards.
Some people do their birthday cards shopping ahead of time. Some people like to order packs of cards to use for different occasions, others prefer to order specific cards from online stores ahead of time so they can take their time writing down thoughtful birthday messages and birthday quotes. Birthday card companies are adapting to the evolution of online commerce by making it easier to do greeting cards and birthday cards shopping online. You can buy birthday cards on company websites like 123Greetings or Hallmark, or on Amazon, Etsy, and other retail marketplaces. MemoryTag is one happy birthday cards company with an optimized online shopping experience. MemoryTag cards allow you to record a video messageand include it in the birthday card using a sticker that attaches to the inside of the card, and plays back the video message on a smartphone.

Types of Birthday Cards

Birthday cards come in many different styles. You wouldn’t exactly get the same card for your grandmother or boss as you would your 5-year old nephew, would you? The type of birthday card you choose depends on the person you’re getting the card for. There are funny happy birthday cards, thoughtful ones, artful cards with watercolor-style paintings designed on them, and other lighthearted birthday cards. Some of the funniest birthday greeting cards you can find are from MemorytagGreeting Cards. They have some crude humor cards that are absolutely hilarious. If you want the traditional art-style birthday card design, or a birthday quote on the card with a more effiminate nature for maybe your mother or your grandmother, Hallmark has that style in the bag. Of course, every greeting card company has a variation of these birthday card styles, so you can find what you’re looking for in each of them.

The Future of Birthday Cards

The world is becoming more technological, but that hasn’t changed how people give birthday messages to their close family and friends. The older, more traditional greeting card companies like Hallmark and American Greetings may not be as successful in selling greeting cards as they once were, but innovation and new companies are maintaining and adapting the way people consume and purchase birthday greeting cards. Online ordering, video greeting cards, and online customization with fast shipping has made buying birthday cards for loved ones easier than ever. As technology improves and the power of the Internet grows, people are enjoying the traditions we’ve held for generations. Birthday celebrations are a very cultural and traditional human behavior, and birthday cards go hand-in-hand with birthday celebrations all over the world. Birthday greeting cards are celebrated in 2017, and will continue to be a part of human behavior for many years to come.

There are many different types birthday cards, several companies that are manufacturing the best birthday greeting cards, places to buy them, and human motivations that illicit buying  birthday greeting cards, and directions that birthday cards can take in the future. How will you buy your next birthday card?

If you have any more questions about birthday greeting cards, feel free to let us know in the comments below!

Send Your Mistress a MemoryTag Greeting Card

October 26th, 2017

Are you a crooked elected politician, you know, the kind who would steal $50 off his own mother while her back was turned if you thought you could get away with it?

Do you have a mistress and cheat on your wife with her?

Send your mistress a MemoryTag Greeting Card with video capability to tell her how much you appreciate her, how much she means to your political career of deception, avarice, greed, petty cruelty, perversion, ego mania, and how you appreciate the wild sex she gives you and how she has been a refuge from the old battleax you married.

MemoryTag has cards that celebrate sexual lust.

We can all appreciate skills in whatever form. Dishonesty among elected officials is a skill.

It all started with phone sex when you asked your mistress to contribute money to your campaign. You said something that was lewd and suggestive and totally inappropriate over the phone—-in other words, the normal way you deal with and represent constituents. One hot remark led to another, back and forth.

Oh what a turn-on!

You’re going to dispense with the needless formalities. You tell her, “I’m going to mouth you over the phone.”

“Oh yes yes! Harder! You’ve conquered me. I’m yours.”

And she really was. That was easy.

Is phone sex a date? It can be if you both mutually enjoyed it.

Your first date with this woman your mistress was actually a phone sex date made from your campaign headquarters. From there you skipped the average, boring, dating process of getting a mistress—you know—the whole bullsh’t flowers at the door routine, now we’re in my car and at a restaurant, dinner was great and I’m telling charming, funny jokes, and then a movie and after that to a bar for a drink, and then finally up to her room and the clothes are off.

No, as an elected leader, you’re too important for that preliminary BS.

No, you just ordered her to submit, and she did.

One other earlier attempt at getting a mistress didn’t work out so well. Remember that one? There was this hot chick, blonde, hot, cute, full of the devil. You put the same bite on her that you did your current mistress, but it didn’t work out.

During phone sex with her, you licked the phone receiver.Then you told her you did this. It was a big mistake. She was revolted, disgusted. She angrily said, “I seem to attract kinky guys!”

Imagine that. This was the night after the previous night when you’d held her naked in your arms and she said, “Throw me on the bed.”

Oh sure, she wants me to abuse her like an insatiable warrior animal of uncontrollable lust, but then the next night over the phone she becomes a Victorian prude, just because I was honest and told her I had taken advantage of an inanimate object (phone), a simple piece of technology, to get aroused.

I was working at the time in my office. I was bored. What did she expect? That was the end of our relationship. I thought, never lick over the phone and tell.

But not you, my current mistress, you’ll do anything I ask.

And what about my stay-at-home wife and the children?

You can’t deal with her. You’re sick of her. She’s become a nag that has to be gotten rid of, but you’re afraid of the financial and political repercussions if you do.

Better to have a mistress.

She doesn’t understand you, your wife. All she did was befriend you back when you were a sniveling, draft dodging college student who had no money and she took you in and fed you like you were a stray dog and then married you and stood by you after your first recall election where voters tried to get rid of you. Because of your crooked dealings (they were crooked but justified it’s called survival). She lied for you too, told reporters how you never did anything wrong and had done public service work that you really didn’t do and the newspaper didn’t investigate it further and WHEW!

You got away with it. The recall effort didn’t have enough signatures.

Get a MemoryTag card, perhaps one that says “I want to pound you.”

That’s romantic don’t you think? You can use your smart phone to record a message to your mistress of lustful desire and thanks. Using the download app, you place the video on the card. Your mistress opens the card, reads the message, and using her smartphone plays back your video.

There you are, promising her a role in your new government when you reach the White House.

MemoryTag has cards for every need, sexual and otherwise, thank you cards, sympathy cards, get well cards, birthdays greeting cards, birthday quotes and birthday messages, wedding cards, congratulations cards, Father’s and Mother’s Day cards, Happy Valentine’s Day cards, funny birthday cards, weird greeting cards and more.

There’s even one for you, the political hack of any party.

Video greeting cards for all occassions

October 11th, 2017

Human nature has so transcended that we have videos in our greeting cards. We have come to an age where we can send video greeting cards to our friends and family for precious moments and other occasions like birthdays,  marriage, holidays, and anniversaries, or just for the heck of it.

Standard greeting cards are those that are printed on high-quality paper and are usually rectangular in shape. These have been used all around the world for centuries, Inside is a usually pre-printed message that suits the occasion. On the outside is an illustration of some artistic sort. The sender of such a greeting card has an option to add a signature or a handwritten message, or even a crude drawing if they’re feeling particularly silly. The sender of such a card will get a matching envelope which is either blank or decorated with glitter and ribbons and other decorations that say, ‘hey, this is a special thing. Pay attention to it and care about it.’

Then comes the age of photo cards. This is becoming quite popular among people for sending holiday greetings such as birthdays and marriage anniversaries, Christmas, New Year, Independence Day, etc. As it became easier to take photos like family photos and couple photos, more people felt the narcissistic need to give people their photos. The expectation is for the receivers of these photos to put them on their fridge, or somewhere in plain sight for more people to see. These cards are still common today. They have photo inserts that have a hole cut in the center for a photo to slide in like a frame. Some printed photo cards have the photo printed in the fine quality sheet, with the message underneath or on the other side of the card.

E-Greeting cards have grown in popularity over the past few decades, with lots of websites that have created a wide range of flash-based greeting cards that make it very simple for the user to select a card of their choice and occasion and then send it to the recipient on their email address. Some of them even let you add your face in and animates you as a funny character that dances and stuff, which can be really hilarious depending on the way your face looks of the face of the person you use. You can obviously put the receiver’s face in the ecard as well, which adds another dimension of hilarity to the ecard. Websites offer ecards for all different occasions and different styles. The sender can add a personalized message to the card, which is moot if the e-card is funny enough but it’s still a nice touch if you’re gonna do it. These cards usually come with some cheesy music. The moment the receiver opens a card on the computer some music plays with the video. Birthday cards mostly have the traditional song- Happy Birthday song.

In today’s age we are able to download applications for phones where not only users can select nice looking templates but also add videos and messages and send them to their loved ones. These applications are the newest forms of sending special messages on special occasions. It is very simple to download video greeting card and costs only a meager amount.

MemoryTag has a proprietary video sticker technology that allows you to record a video message, and attach it to a sticker that can be scanned on a smartphone and played back by the person you give the card to. It’s really cool. Just create a video with your family and friends and send a lovely personalized greeting card to your loved ones. Video greeting cards are the future and people of all ages are using video greeting cards to best convey their greetings and messages, where traditional greeting cards used to be the only option.

Safety In Traffic Construction Zones

October 7th, 2017

Traffic safety is a pressing concern in today’s fast-paced world due to the rapidly increasing population and increasingly distracted drivers. According to statistics, approximately 1.3 million people lose their lives every year due to both highway and rural traffic accidents. Whether you are the one behind the steering wheel or accompanying someone as a passenger, it is crucial to place traffic safety as your top priority, and traffic construction zones are a great time for you to do so. Here is a series of tips for you to consider implementing every day when driving through traffic control zones in order to ensure your own safety and the safety of the traffic control workers.

  1. Stay Focused

Focusing on one task for a long duration of time is one of the most difficult things to do. They say the brain is a muscle, and the hardest exercise is using the brain for long periods of time. It is important to maintain your concentration on the road when you are behind the wheel. Put everything to the side during this time because it is the most dangerous time to multitask. It is crucial to keep your eyes on the road at all times. Traffic control employees like flaggers and road construction crews are dedicated to keeping drivers safe during construction procedures, and it is only right that we do our part in paying more attention in these zones. Perhaps the biggest distraction of all has to be cell phones. Refrain from using any electronic devices when driving. You just might kill yourself and everyone.

If you become confused about your directions to a destination, or you require adjusting your GPS navigation, then you should probably pull over and figure it out and get set up again before you resume driving.

  1. Be Road Smart

Being road smart is alot like being book smart or street smart. The road has its own set of unspoken rules, which become increasingly important in traffic construction zones. If you want to be safe on the road, you should always be on the defense. The best way to ensure safety is to avoid speeding. A slow speed vehicle is more likely to experience less damage as compared to a fast one. A slow driver has more time to think ahead. When driving, it is important to have a good sense of prediction as well as intuition. While assumption and mass generalization isn’t the best policy to live by in everyday life, it does help when on the road. Steer clear of large transporting vehicles and reckless motorcycles and actively maintain a 2 to 4 second time window between yourself and the driver in front of you. Also follow the traffic control signs. They are there to help you.

  1. Be Prepared by Planning Ahead of Time

If you have a long journey ahead of you, it is prudent to have a plan ready ahead of time. This involves a schedule which comprehensively breaks down the amount it will take to reach your destination. Don’t forget to incorporate your breaks in this time as well in order to ensure punctuality. Make sure your car does not need any repair such as an oil or tire change. All these measures will not only ensure safety but also safe time by avoiding unnecessary pit stops.

  1. Better Safe Than Sorry

Lastly, but most importantly, never forget the rules. Always wear a seatbelt without fail. Avoid driving under influence at all costs. Keep everything at arm’s length such as your driver’s license, gate passes, etc. Make sure your cargo is secure and locked in place. Follow street signs and traffic control signs. If you see construction signs, drive slowly. In short, follow all traffic signs. Finally, don’t drive if you aren’t feeling 100% well. Your wellbeing should be of utmost priority.

Traffic safety signs and rules should be followed by every citizen as a duty towards other citizens. Try to implement these safety tips in order to ensure a smooth journey without any glitches.

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